Web Development

Is Your Website Accessible to All Devices?

If your website is not capable of responding to today's varying online devices, such as smartphones and tablets then you could be losing views and potential business. We specialize in freeing your website to work in all devices and monitors, large and small. Whether it's a smartphone or large screen monitor, ipad or tablet, our designs work across them all. Let's take a quick look at this design concept and why your site needs it.

Your Site and Mobile, Smartphones, Tablets, Ipads, Retina Displays

Today, business must pay attention to their website visitor viewing from a desktop computer, a smartphone, a laptop, a laptop with retina display, a tablet with a screen size of 7 inches, or a tablet with a screen size of 10 inches. At AFS Studios we specialize in layout and hierarchy that creates an optimal reading experience regardless of device. We have developed the power to design our sites to modify and adapt to viewing across all devices.

Are You Losing Potential Business?

If your website is not capable of responding to today's varying online devices, such as smartphones and tablets then you could be losing views and potential business. Don’t be left in the Stone Age of old web design! Contact us at www.AFSstudios.com today and start making your move to a better website.

Training Design & Development

We Develop Training Materials, E-learning, Content, Job Aids, Help Systems

Our expertise in the training process ensures that your training materials are on target, relevant and utilize the latest approaches to blended adult learning. We work with your SMEs to develop training, E-learning coaching, accelerated learning, action learning, and course design for LMS systems that get results.


Our services incorporate the ADDIE model for Instructional System Design (ISD). The ADDIE model was designed for the U.S. Army in 1975 and has since become the industry standard for training program development. The ADDIE ISD identifies 5 key stages of training program design; these include the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation stages.

LMS and E-Learning Content Development

We create and implement learning and development programs

We can help you with technical content development for your LMS or E-learning platform or help system whether it's large or small. We can advise you on the development of a comprehensive training initiative, course design, offer problem solving assistance, and automate procedures.

We create and implement learning and development programs that support an organization's planning objectives and high potential development.

Blended Learning

We provide the development and design of learning solutions which include a blended approach to learning such as coaching, instructor led, CMS-based and E-learning options that are based on business needs and best practices.  This can include written training materials, guide books, test materials, assessment development, E-Learning and CMS course development.

Needs Assessment

We design, implement and evaluate survey processes for organizations and align learning initiatives with outcomes to engage employees and enhance results.  We engage, support, mentor and provide coaching to meet organizational goals and strategies.

Content Development

Is Technology Confusing?

We serve as a bridge between those who create technology and those that use it. We have the expertise to cut through technical jargon and make your technical support and marketing assets speak the language of your channel partners and the consumer. We can help with your installation manuals, product literature or any other technical documents.

Help Systems and Job Aid Design

We can help you develop the systems that simplify workplace processes. Often a well planned worksheet, checklist, decision table, flowchart or reference material can ensure that your performers meet productivity objectives without the need for costly training initiatives. 

Customer Service

We are available for phone, email, and in-person Service

AFSstudios is your partner providing your online needs and we are avialable to you personally by phone, email and in-person at your office or ours. We are a small agency and provide the utmost in personl service. We have more than just technical skills. Our customers come first and we have learned to listen to their needs and be accessible to respond as quickly as possible.

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