AFS Studios
Website Design and Training Development
We provide web design and mobile solutions
to manage digital content, that enable responsive
websites across all devices.
Creative Agency
AFS Studios Web Development

We provide practical customized web and mobile solutions
for today's medium and large-sized organizations.

AFS Studios - Our Strategy

Our strategy, in short, is to give our clients expansive web functionality and top notch services at the best price, and to provide organizations with the tools to evolve their web-based solution.

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Excellent Support

We are customer focused. Whether by phone, email or in-person, we are available for personal service and respond quickly to your needs.

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Web Development

At AFS Studios we align creative strategy with your business needs to create sites that will help support your goals and objectives. We will redesign your existing site to and create a site that is accessible and responsive across mobile, tablet, ipad, smartphone, and varying screen sizes.

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Training Development - Course Design

We provide the development and design of learning solutions which include a blended approach to learning such as coaching, instructor led, LMS-based and E-learning options that are based on business needs and best practices.  This can include written training materials, guide books, test materials, assessment development, E-Learning and LMS course development.

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SEO Optimization

We help to get your site listed on search engines in the best possible way.

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Responsive Design

We specialize in sites that are designed to work across mobile, smartphone, ipad, PC with varying screen sizes and resolutions.

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